Redwood Empire Food Bank

On Tuesday May 5, 2009, Jean-Marie and Michael were the guest speakers at a special event for the Redwood Empire Food Bank at 3320 Industrial Drive, Santa Rosa, CA.

REFB 017

The announcement (click on the picture to enlarge) of Michael and Jean-Marie as the guest speakers.

REFB 029

Michael and Jean-Marie donated five books for a raffle drawing that evening.

REFB 039

Michael talks about how he came to write the book.

REFB 046

Jean-Marie speaks about her experiences in Santo Tomas, after Michael reads excerpts from the book.

REFB 036

Michael and Jean-Marie were honored to be the guest speakers that evening. They stayed after the event to sign books for the raffle winners and for those who bought books, too. A very enjoyable and intimate evening.

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